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 For all your aquatic needs. Stocking Marine, Tropical, Coldwater and Pond fish. Full range of dry goods.


Merseyside Aquatic Warehouse:

About Us:

Merseyside Aquatic Warehouse based in Aintree Liverpool Merseyside.

We transformed an empty warehouse and bring you one of the best Aquatic Stores on Merseyside.

We are housed over 2100 sqft of floor space which contains a pond section, tropical, cold water, cichlids, inverts and a marine section. We also have a large range of dry goods including full setups.

We have designed and installed a number of eco friendly aquatic housing systems which extracts heat from the environment and transfers it to the water. Mechanical filtration cleans with large ultraviolet sterilisers working to keep all pathogens in check. Auto top up and drip feed systems stabilise the parameters of the water for the type of fish in that system.

We have a separate quarantine room were all of our stock is quarantined for 14 days before it is placed in the shop display tanks ready for sale. Discus are also treated for worms. If at any point display stock is found to be in an unsatisfactory condition then it is removed from sale and returned to the quarantine room for treatment.

Our staff are fully trained and have been in the aquatic trade for over 10 years, you may recognise a few friendly faces

5 Star We hold an Animal Activity Licence which has been issued by Liverpool City Council. Licence No:LCC/AAL007. They have reconised us a 5 star business.

Why not pay us a visit? We are at the Aintree Hospital end of Brookfield Drive L9 7AJ which forms part of Aintree Industrial Estate, opposite Manhattan Blinds.

Parking is available for free in either the front carpark or on street.

Plenty of space for a pram or wheelchair.

Trading Times:-
Monday and Tuesday: 10am to 5.30pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday to Saturday: 10am to 5.30pm
Sunday 10am to 2pm


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Standard Stock:
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Corydoras habrosis (salt and pepper) Orange Lazer red stripe corydoras CW014 Concolor corydoras Corydoras aneus Green Peppered corydoras Corydoras agassisii Cordoras leopardus Sterbai corydoras Panda corydoras Corydoras napoensis Emerald green corydoras (brochis) Gibiceps pleco Bristlenose pleco Albino bristlenose pleco Marbled sailfin pleco Striped bulldog pleco Mixed Ancistrus pleco Kulie loach Zebra loach Golden weather loach Blue redtail loach Otocinclus (dwarf sucking loach) Pakistani yoyo loach Chinese algae eating loach (gyrinocheilus aymonieri) Asian sun catfish Raphael catfish Red lizard catfish Synodontis featherfin catfish Bumblebee catfish Jaguar cichlids Green terror (gold saum) cichlids Luchan flowerhorn cichlidsi Orinoco peacock bass Polleni cichlids Zebra Tilapia (Heterotilapia Buttikoferi) Jewel cichlids Synsplus red head cichlids Spilotum cichlids Red Oscars T-bar cichlids (Cryptoheros sajica) Blood parrot cichlids Keyhole cichlids Geophagus surinam Silver dolars Spotted silver dollars Albino Tinfoil barbs Flagtail barb Neon blue acara Pink kissing gourami Silver sharks Rusty cichlids Albino red hood cichlids Bumblebee cichlids Livingstoni cichlids Trewavasae cichlids Orange lined cichlids (gaphychromis moorii) Auratus cichlids Bumblebee cichlids Red zebra cichlids Red top ice blue cichlids Demasoni cichlids Kasanga tropheus cichlids Yellowtailed violet cichlids Dinghani (flavus) cichlids Aulonocara Orange blotch peaccocks Aulonocara steveni (Peacocks) Aulonocara maylandi (sulperhead peacocks) Aulonocara nyassae Blue peacocks Aulonocara baenschi yellow peacocks Cynotilapia 'Hara' Gallireya reef (white top afras) Pseudotropheus elongatus Yellow belly albert cichlids ( haplochromis aeneocolor) Haplochromis 'Hippo point salmon' cichlids Orange back cichlids (Cynotilapia afra Cobue) Aurora cichlids Long nose gold tips (ophthalmotilapia nasuta) Johnstoni Hap (Pseudotropheus flavus) Aulonocara 'Red Dragon' (Red Dragon peacocks) Nasuta ndole cichlid Red Frontosa Starfire cichlids (placidochromis phenochilus tanzania) Altolamprologus calvus Venustus cichlids Blue Moori cichlid Tiger Maze Discus Royal Blue Discus Cobalt Blue Discus Red stone Discus Scorpion snake Discus Golden Yellow Discus Green snakeskin Discus Pigeon blood Discus Golden rainbow Discus Red Marlboro Discus Golden marble angels Zebra lace angels Redtail black sharks Black winged Hatchetfish Silver Hatchetfish African butterfly fish Female crowntail Betta (fighters) Male crowntail Betta Male Dragon Betta Male Dumbo ear Betta Male Halfmoon plakat Betta Dwarf pipefish Yellow belly Kribensis Steel blue killifish (Fundulopanchax gardneri) Gold redfinned butterfly notho killifish ( nothobranchius foerschi) Suelewesi Rice killifish Red rainbows Blue rainbows Boesmani rainbows Goyder river rainbows (Melanotaenia trifacitata ) Redtail banded rainbows Neon dwarf rainbows Blind cave characin Filament barbs Rosy barbs Golden dwarf barbs Burmese Odessa barbs Cherry barbs Green tiger barbs Black ruby barbs Blue Dotted hill trout barbs (Barilius bakeri) Redline torpedo barbs Snakeskin Gourami Blue Gourami Gold gourami Sparkling Pygmy gourami Peacock Gudgeon goby Scissortail rasbora Neon yellow dwarf rasbora (microdevario kubotai) Harlequin rasbora Electric blue rams Rasbora asian rummy nose Golden White cloud mountain minnows Alestes tetra Bleeding heart tetra Cardinal tetra Neon tetra Columbian redfinned tetra Red flame tetra Purple/Blue Emperor tetra (impaichthys kerri) Rummynose tetra Black phantom tetra Congo tetra Pristella tetra Glowlight tetra Lemon tetra Silver tip tetra Kitty tetra Ember tetra Serpae tetra X-ray tetra Buenos aires tetra Assorted female guppies Golden snakeskin guppies (M) Red/blue tail guppies (M) Assorted endler guppies (M) Assorted Mollys Assorted swordtails Assorted neon platties Lyretail Betta (M) Red claw crabs Assassin snails Batman snails Yellow Sulewesi snail Porcupine snails Dwarf red racer nerite snails Amano shrimp Green Jade shrimp Bamboo Rock shrimp Blue velvet shrimp Mixed algae shrimp Black moor Gold Ranchu Tricolour Oranda Mixed fantails Red comets Yellow comets Shubunkins Mirror carp Assorted koi Silver line ghost koi Longnose sturgeon Pearl Toby puffer Dog faced puffer Picasso trigger Striped surgeon L Yellow eye surgeon Emperor angels Blue Koran Angels Threadfin butterfly Collare (Pakistan) butterfly Snowflake Moray eel Lyretail red coral fish Red fairy bassletts Red wrasse (Male) Yellow wrasse Lyretail wrasse Redtooth triggers Banggai cardinals Gold striped cardinals Six line wrasse Fire clowns Sabae clowns Midas blennies Bicolour blennies Azure half blue damsels Purple fire gobies Spotted hawkfish Painted cleaner fish (small) Red sea urchins Anubias barter Anubias coffeefolia Anubias congensis Anubias lanceolata Anubias minima Anubias Nana Anubias petite Ammania Bonsai Apongeton ulvaceus madagasca Cryptocoryne Parva Cryptocoryne Wentii Cryptocorne Lingua Cryptocorne Nevilli Amazon sword Java fern Java fern mini Straight Vallisneria Valliseria Nana. RO Water Salted RO Water HMA Water
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